RESILIAN, a strong industrial base

The initiatives carried out by RESILIAN are divided into 3 workstreams involving a community of more than 130 people (managers, executives, technicians).

It is about optimizing the load of the existing and future means of production of the area, sharing industrial means (production, tools, space), skills and improving the industrial performance of companies, by :


  • The strengthening of local subcontracting, thanks to a better knowledge of existing capacities,
  • The improvement of manufacturing processes by using the skills and technologies existing in the territory (sharing of best) practices and expertise.

Initiatives carried out :

Working groups

RESILIAN sharing platform

This sharing platform allows industrialists in the network to submit offers and requests in line with their needs and to be put directly in touch with the right person for subjects as varied as (machines, small tools, workshop or storage surfaces, skills…).

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"Local datacenter" project (Scoping Study)

To cope with the explosion of the amount of data generated by companies, but also to secure them, RESILIAN is studying the opportunity to establish a local sovereign datacenter in Northern Alsace.