Our History

Groupe de lancement du réseau Résilian

Northern Alsace is a strong industrial area, with around 15,000 industrial jobs (1 job in 3), whose attractiveness we want to strengthen so that it remains sustainable. With this in mind, the first discussions on the creation of a North Alsace industrial cluster began in 2015.

In July 2017, the project gained momentum when several industrialists, notably during exchanges with ADIRA (Economic Development Agency for Alsace), expressed their desire to get to know each other better in order to collaborate better together.

Subsequently, we were accompanied in our approach by ADIRA, which led several working meetings, which enabled us to move forward together and define our ambition, which is to cooperate in the form of an industrial grouping with the aim to :

  • Keeping our industrial know-how in Northern Alsace,
  • To encourage the emergence of collaborative projects, the sharing of best practices and creativity by creating a local network.
  • Improving our competitiveness and diversification opportunities,
  • Strengthening the dynamism of our employment pool,
  • Making the “Digital Transition” work.

We have obtained financial and technical support from the RÉGION GRAND EST, the Communauté d’Agglomération de Haguenau (CAH), the ITRON Revitalisation Fund, as well as support from the IUT de Haguenau, the ADEC (Association pour le Développement des Entreprises et des Compétences), the project bearer for RESILIAN, and the ADIRA (Economic Development Agency for Alsace), which continues to support the structuring of the network. This allowed the recruitment of a Coordinator (Lionel Enderlin), at the end of September 2018 and the launch of our network. In October 2018, the Network of Innovative Industrials of Northern Alsace “RESILIAN” was born

RESILIAN, is inspired by the word “Resilience”, in Physics resilience is defined by the ability of materials to resist shocks. Applied to our situation, it is the ability of companies and territories to adapt to economic changes.

From then on, we were able to structure our approach: a steering committee was set up and we made progress on the first subjects resulting from the needs expressed by the network’s industrialists, dividing them into 3 workstream…Read more about our workstreams

Our funders


The project leader


Our partners

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A limited steering committee meets about once a month to discuss ongoing projects and take decisions. It is composed of representatives from

The industrial sector:



• Thierry Mohr, CEO – ACEA EMS,

• Jean-Yves Jung, Industrial Manager – ALSTOM APTIS,

• Denis Schmitt, Chairman General Manager – SCHAEFFLER FRANCE,

• Jean-Claude Reverdell, CEO – SEW USOCOME.

The economic development:



• Jean-Michel Staerle, President – ADEC
• Marc Becker, Vice-Chairman – ADEC and Chairman – Pôle Véhicule du Futur

• Sébastien Leduc, Responsible for business competitiveness and regional dynamics – ADIRA,

• Dominique Platz, Director of Economic Development – CAH,

• Carole Bernardy, Head of the Territorial Development Department – RÉGION GRAND EST,

• Lionel Enderlin, Coordinator – RESILIAN.

The higher education:


• Yann Gaudeau, Director – IUT HAGUENAU

• Stéphane Wahl, Head of School and Corporate Relations – IUT HAGUENAU



Lionel Enderlin

Coordinator RESILIAN

photo Charlotte

Charlotte Cronenberger

Assistant Project Manager RESILIAN

Participating companies

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