Videoconference → Presentation of a support measure for industrial VSEs/SMEs in Northern Alsace

Purpose of the videoconference: presentation by BPI group of the Catalent Revitalisation Fund currently being deployed in part of northern Alsace.
Brief description :
– This is a private fund that aims to support the development of industrial VSE/SMEs or services to industry with development projects that create jobs.
– In some cases, job maintenance projects may be eligible, particularly when the company had a development project before the COVID crisis, even if it was slowed down due to the same crisis.
Support is provided in the form of “Advice Vouchers” in the order of 10 to 15K€ maximum per company.
Geographical scope of the scheme: companies located in the Communities of Communes of the Rhine Plain, the Rhine Country, the Overseas Forest, the Lower Zorn, Sauer Pechelbronn, Wissembourg, and even the Haguenau Conurbation Community.


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Oct 09 2020


11 h 30 min - 12 h 00 min