WG Workstation ergonomics : meeting n°6 “Flash Ergo” case VAPODIL // videocall

Experimentation of a new tool to help compinies from the network (concept Flash Ergo), from the use case of VAPODIL.


Concept Flash ergo

  • Collective intelligence format which can provide concrete answers in a very short time (1h) in form of mind-mapping
  • Work on piece / or a new product  on all ergonomic aspects of use, from design phase to prototype, pre-series or serie.
  •  Bring an outside look and recommendations to the company.
  • Requires taking into account the point of view of the end user as well as the standards and constraints related to use.

Use case of Vapodil

–  The Company :

Vapodil is SMES established in Mundolsheim, specializing in the design and distribution of dry steam cleaners for a variety of customers (hotel, industry, …)

Company’s project :

  • Relocate the production, currently carried out in Italy.
  • Rethink the design of its product in order to make it more functional (for the end user) and to increase its market share.

The event is finished.


Oct 27 2020


15 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min